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What to expect from me

  • 100% client confidentiality

  • A warm and supportive coach

  • Coaching in an emotionally intelligent environment

  • A highly empathic honest and open coach

  • A solution focussed approach


  • Coaching women new to leadership

  • Coaching women who find themselves in challenging circumstances

  • Supporting coachees to identify their strengths and areas to develop

  • Analysing situations from various positions

  • Understanding the challenges faced when leading internationally

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching will help you to; 

  • Identify and achieve your goals

  • Identify your talents and skills

  • Identify issues or behaviours that are holding you back

  • Change your behaviour

  • Manage challenging situations

  • See things from different perspectives

  • Put into place strategies to make you more effective

  • Be more confident

  • Empower you to know you are doing your very best

Process of Coaching

  • Coaching is very flexible and is designed to fit into your schedule at a time to suit you

  • Coaching is either face-to-face or via a video platform

  • To help you decide if coaching is right for you, I meet you for a no-obligation chat for 45 minutes either face-to face-or via video

  • This allows you to talk about your career and goals and ask me any questions you may have

  • I will talk to you about the process and benefits of coaching

  • Coaching sessions are usually an hour long at a time to suit you

  • I usually recommend starting with a series of four coaching sessions once a fortnight

  • I provide coachees with optional forms to support the coachee in reflecting before and after the sessions. These forms help the coachee make the most of the session and consolidate the breakthroughs they have made

  • Coaching enables you to invest in yourself

  • Remember that coaching is to benefit you and the needs of each coachee are different, so the coaching plan is unique for each coachee

  • Coaching sessions are usually spread over a few months which makes them affordable

To Make Coaching Successful

  • The relationship between the coach and coachee is key

  • The coaching relationship is built upon mutual respect and trust between the coach and coachee

  • The coachee needs to feel that they can be open and honest

There must be a connection between the coach and the coachee

The coachee needs to:

  • Be invested in coaching and make it a priority in their life

  • Have a quiet space for the coaching session

  • Give themself time to prepare before the session and reflect afterwards

  • Give themselves permission to invest in themselves

  • Value and understand the importance of coaching

Other Professional Services

I can support you in updating your CV and help you with writing personal statements and cover letters for job applications. I can also support you in your preparation for interviews. I will give you personal feedback and guidance.

Let's Work Together

To find out more information about coaching please contact me. Let's work together.

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