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Empowering Female Leaders 

to be successful, value-driven leaders by creating a coaching climate based on mutual respect and trust.


Cazzie Jude

Executive Leadership Coach

I set up Cassiopeia Coaching as I wanted to put something back into society and specifically to empower female leaders. I support other women to give them the strength and skills to survive in the competitive workplace. I have learnt that you need the strength of character, resilience determination and a very strong support network both professionally and personally to flourish. I work with others to be the best they can be. I coach and mentor women in education and industry to be successful leaders both in the UK and internationally. Further to this, I work as a trainer, public speaker, writer and consultant on school improvement.

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Benefits of Coaching

Identify and Achieve
Your Goals

Recognise Issues or Behaviours 

Change Your Behaviour

Create Strategies to
Make You More Effective

Build Confidence and 

What to expect from me


Years in Education 


Years of Leadership Experience


ILM Level in Executive Coaching and Leadership


Percent Client Confidentiality



“On meeting Caz, I found her to be everything and more in what I expected a coach to be. She helped me to unpick the questions I had been over thinking on my own and supported me in identifying what areas would be most beneficial to focus on next. I felt that she helped me to gain some clarity around my own thought processes, and I left our session feeling so much clearer about my next steps. I have to say that overall, I felt afterwards that a weight had been lifted from my shoulders as it had given me the space to talk through my professional development with someone who was honest, knowledgeable and quick to unpick the key issues.” 

Deputy Headteacher

United Kingdom



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Cazzie Jude

Executive Leadership Coach

Telephone: +971 (0) 58 5567 948


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