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Everyone Needs a Yoda

One of my staff parents came to visit in school an ex early years headteacher and adviser, my favourite type of guest. Someone who genuinely values early years education and understands it. As we were talking, she commented on how I genuinely take care of my staff and value them, but she wanted to know (with her adviser hat on) who looked after me! Several months later I am still considering my response! My team are fabulous and in their own way, they take care of me. I have a coaching supervisor for my coaching work who supports me in my role as a coach and occasionally I will use part of the coaching supervision session for Headteacher issues. In international headship I find myself supported by family and friends, as I am not part of a large school group. When I was a headteacher in the UK I had a strong support network with other headteachers, my mentor and school adviser and also in Qatar. I have realised that I really miss a strong leadership support network around me.

However, I am eternally grateful to the female Yoda’s in my life who have supported me unconditionally. At the start of my leadership journey, I was very lucky to work with the most amazing woman Mary who is now a very close friend and knows me in some ways better than I know myself as a leader. She was an inspirational leader and mentor. She saw my potential and developed me as a leader. Throughout my career and during my first headship she has always freely given me her support and time. In my first headship, the Local Authority provided me with a mentor, another inspirational leader of an outstanding school who invested her time and experience in me. To both, I am indebted. They gave me a solid foundation and propelled me forward to be a successful leader.

I now as a leader think about my team and the empowering women I coach and mentor. I hope that I am a Yoda to the new inspirational female leaders who are growing into their roles. I strongly believe that everyone needs a Yoda in their life. A wise experienced leader who has the skills to listen profoundly and offer advice when necessary to strengthen talent and empower others. If you haven’t a Yoda in your leadership life, then I would recommend you have a leadership coach who will empower you to grow and be the best version of yourself. Everyone needs a Yoda to champion them! #Coaching #leadershipcoaching #WomenEd

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