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Set Your Goals for the New School Year

The new academic year is fast approaching so what goals am I making this year ahead?

To continue to be a values-driven leader in thought and deed and improve upon my previous best.

To continue to lead from my heart with compassion and empathy

To believe in my team and myself and to continue to reach for the stars

To continue to evolve and build upon the existing best practice

To continue to run before work and compete in races to stay fit in mind and body

To be the best coach and mentor I can be, learning constantly and following my passion

To keep a gratitude diary and every day write down 5 things I am grateful for

To continue my fitness journey, run another marathon and challenge myself with my cycling

To learn to meditate and build it into my toolkit

To believe in myself and know that I try always to do my very best

What are your goals for the new academic year?

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